Well… It’s True.


Super-Mighty Preemptive Strike!


Well, I guess we may as well “Super-Mighty” them ourselves, seeing how they are going to “Super-Mighty” mighty us! Mighty-Might! Super! Mighty-Super! Super-Mighty! Let’s Super-Duper-Super-Mighty-Might them first! That way, they won’t Super-Mighty us!

Meanwhile… LMAO. A blast from the past!

Dildos saves lives

It just doesn’t fucking matter what side of the fence Boobus Americanus is on.

Boobus Americanus is oblivious. They are trained Circus Fleas.

They blow which ever way the wind blows, like a broken reed. Thinking they are going against the wind… rather than actually going against the wind.

Boobus Americanus. Making noise since 1865.

Go long on the dollar.


Globocopping because axis-of-evil

I did notice this: A lengthy indictment can be assembled against Iran, such as here.

But then, I am not so stupid, as to not notice, the U.S.A. Bigly hypocrisy.

Just in time too…

Tillerson: Everyone is a threat, except Saudi Arabia

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