FBI Whistle-Blower : Trump White House Has Been COMPROMISED

Josh Tolley

Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson (Looney Tunes – don’t listen) Tells All

You think “Spirit Cooking” left your government when the “God-Emperor” was elected.


The worship.

Because Jesus is a voter.

Note the wording, in the coloring.

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2 Responses to FBI Whistle-Blower : Trump White House Has Been COMPROMISED

  1. genearly says:

    What a witches brew, then throw in the Trump CIA and DoJ now coming after Wikileaks that exposed the “Russian” Fraud against Trump and Hilarity Clintoons deceptions.
    did Trump/Clinton win the sElection??????
    Assange and Wikileaks are equal opportunity publishers of leaks, they have never claimed to be the ones doing the leaking.
    Without the Podesta email leaks Hilarity may have won the sElection even though she is a Felon, and Traitor.
    The CIA and the Deep State care only about their safety and survival. They have unlimited power to do as they will up to and including murdering presidents that step out of line. (JFK & attempted Reagan)
    Trump’s CIA is Obamy’s CIA and who they work for is suspected to be the NWO but we peasants aren’t important enough to know or even have a vote in our continued existence. Bush II let it slip that presidents don’t get to do what they want, Trump was given his “choices” and the Neocon perpetual war option was adopted. Domestically there will be no Elitist prosecutions or Swamp draining. The Empire will prevail until it collapses from graft-debt and citizen disgust-neglect. I’m sorry to have to tell you this, I know many want to believe in government, but it is rotten and beyond redemption. The Elitists of both parties consider us “Deplorables”. Trump is better than Hilarity but really your fate is Totally in your own hands.
    TINVOWOOT (there is no voting our way out of this)

    • Curtis says:

      Trump has no one to blame but himself. So far, he has encircled himself with more CFR and globalists than Obama. Not to mention Jared, who many say has taken over the NSC. As for Trump being better than Hillary, we’re certainly going to find out. I was holding out hope for Trump, but I should have known better, as every election is cycled from two sides of the same coin. Each side will give and take according to the whims of the electorate. But in the end, the State wins, always.

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