North Korea To Test Intercontinental Ballistic Missile This Morning


“The Simulated Electronic Launch of a Minuteman III ICBM is a signal to the American people, our allies, and our adversaries that our ICBM capability is safe, secure, lethal and ready.

“It highlights the ground and airborne command and control elements of an electrically-isolated ICBM, demonstrating that our deployed ICBMs will respond to critical launch commands.”

US To Test Fire ICBM Tonight That Can Reach North Korea


A Russian daily reported earlier this month that the country’s soldiers are about to shoulder the responsibility of restoring security to the Christian-populated regions during the Syrian Army’s imminent anti-terrorism operations in Northern Hama.

Izvestia reported that the Russian units will help popular forces in Hama province to restore security to the town of Mahradeh, whose population are mainly Christians.

Russia Ready to Send Ground Forces to Syria

Of course, we know this to be a false estimate. I’m not just referring to the ludicrously low number of civilians killed; the idea that the U.S. killed 70,000 ISIS militants is so outlandish it begs the question: What would actually remain of a terror group that initially had 30,000 fighters, if a total of 70,000 fighters (more than double their estimated membership) were killed just for good measure?

Somehow the U.S. Has Killed 70k ISIS Fighters

Note: This also includes those reincarnated ISIS head honchos that we keep killing… again… and again…


In other words, the military-industrial complex is licking its chops. That’s because ISIS, which is largely a creation of the West, is about to replace Al-Qaeda as America’s elusive bogeyman. Long after their hellish caliphate is dead, they’ll be launching attacks on the United States from far-flung lands, which will surely be used as an excuse to decimate our freedoms, and drag us into many more wars in the future. A lot can happen between now, and when ISIS “loses its allure.”

ISIS Is Falling Apart: “May Actually Lead to More Terrorist Attacks Across the Globe”

More tricky Russian antics and propaganda:

Nadie Harbieh and Sarah Abdallah and NDF


However, the U.S. plan is unlikely to go smoothly, given the Kurds’ dominant presence in the SDF. Turkey, Syria’s northern neighbor, will probably not be happy to see a Kurdish-majority group gain governing power over a region near its border, as the Turkish government has long considered Syrian Kurdish militias, including those backed by the U.S., to be terrorist groups. Turkey has repeatedly bombed U.S.-backed Syrian Kurds for this very reason.

After “Liberation,” U.S. To Give Control Of Raqqa To Rebels, Not Syrian Government

Followed by:

A few hour ago the Turkish airforce hit Kurdish and Yezidi positons on both sides of the Singal mountains in east-Syria and west-Iraq. Near Derik in east-Syria more than 20 bombs destroyed a YPG headquarter, a radio station and a media center. At least nine YPK fighters were killed. The YPG is the Syrian sister organization of the Kurdish PKK in Turkey. The PKK is a designated terrorist organization. Within Syria U.S. special forces are embedded with the YPG and are coordinating YPG moves against the Islamic State in Raqqa. YPK and PKK follow the anarcho-marxist theories of their leader Abdullah Öcalan who is in isolation detention in Turkey.

Turkish Airstrikes On Kurds Complicate U.S. Operations In Iraq And Syria


“I think there is a fantastic opportunity here. It’s only a first step, it’s only an opportunity,” he says of Trump’s surprise decision to unloose an American Tomahawk missile strike in Syria after President Bashar Assad’s regime again unleashed chemical weapons on civilians, a strike that turned Wolfowitz and many of his fellow neoconservatives into unlikely cheerleaders for the actions of an administration they had previously viewed as a threat. “If nothing is done to follow up on it, it will start to seem a little bit silly in retrospect; certainly the enthusiasm will seem silly. But more importantly it will look like a lost opportunity in retrospect.”

Why Paul Wolfowitz Is Optimistic About Trump

President Donald J Trump today announced his intent to nominate… Robert Story Karem of Washington District of Columbia to be an Assistant Secretary of Defense, International Security Affairs,” the release stated on Monday. “Karem has previously served in the White House as a Middle East policy advisor to Vice President Richard B. Cheney.

Trump Taps Ex-Cheney Middle East Advisor for Senior Pentagon Post

Trump’s Neocon Conversion Almost Complete

Note: USNATO claims Putin is arming… guess who… the Taliban!

Russia is arming the Afghan Taliban, Defense Secretary James Mattis suggests in Kabul

Lavrov slams US claims of Russia arming Taliban

Could Mattis be the globalists’ Trojan horse, who will ensure the internationalists’ gravy train doesn’t end?

Alrighty then!

That’s it for now.

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