Po-Lice: We’re Going To Take A HARD Look At This!

(Click pic)

Guns Loaded? Check… Extra Ammunition? Check… Bullet-proof protective vests? Check… Right home address? Uh oh! In yet another SWAT Team flub, a home has been raided, and its occupants beaten. However, once again, the police went to the wrong address.

“He starts screaming at me, ‘Stop resisting! Stop resisting!’”

And, in related news:

The deliberate dumbing down of America’s children in public schools, decades of television programming, 24-hour corporate news, biased news agencies and corporate/consumer culture have all certainly contributed to the collapse of the American mind. Americans simply can no longer distinguish fact from opinion, truth from propaganda, and have no understanding of logic.

And let’s not forget about the Goldfish!

Really, people.

And in more related news:

Eating your nose boogers have been found to have a series of health benefits

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