The Heartbeat Of Donald: Ivanka Trump

Assistant to the president and first daughter Ivanka Trump said allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. “has to be part of the discussion” of how best to help those fleeing Islamic State militants and Syria’s long-running civil war.

“Ivanka is a mother of three kids and she has influence. I’m sure she said: ‘Listen, this is horrible stuff,’” Eric Trump said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

She offered her opinion, which matched that of her father’s


Because this is what your government does not want you to know:

See: SyriaWhite Helmets

Also see: Nadie Harbieh and Sarah Abdallah and NDF

And: Yemen

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Ivanka has surrounded herself with the armpit of humanity


This is English (French subtitles). Listen.

Read it: Trump’s “War and Chocolate” Reality Show


Tillerson, Mattis, Coats Call North Korea “Urgent National Security Threat” To U.S.A. Bigly Globocopping Superiority For Global Peace, Prepared To Act

And, remember when all those “God-Emperor” worshipers were proclaiming Donald The Don Trump had Xi and Putin shitting their pants in a brilliant game of 3D Underwater Chess?

Joint Sino-Russian Opposition to U.S. Unilateralism Against North Korea

Do what we say, or we’ll fuck you up!

And install a Central Bank too!

U.S.A. Bigly! U.S.A. Bigly! U.S.A. Bigly!

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