Donald Trump: “Bad!”

I have to laugh at all the comments concerning NK’s failure to launch. Seriously, these people have about as much sense as a sun-baked worm. NK’s missiles work just fine. It is NK’s SOLID FUEL ICBM’s that they are having a problem with. Just like we had. Just like Russia had. Just like China had. Then the… we shot it down with a U.S.A. Bigly “”Lay-zer Beam””, or we used a “”Com-pooter virus””. (Think Dr. Evil finger quotation.)

I especially laugh every time Trump tries to play China against NK with…

Trump Slams “Disrespectful” North Korea After Unsuccessful Missile-Test

Despite what you read in the Donald twits and American papers, China is not to happy with Trumps belligerence. Oh, I’m sure Xi has found a new friend in the Donald… akin to a child in Xi’s mind. Trump is short-gaming to China’s long-game.

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