Never forget. Never let it happen to you. The federal agents confiscating weapons were criminals, conducting illegal search and seizures, guilty of theft, assault with deadly weapons, harassment, trespassing, and breaking and entering. Each and every one of them deserved to die. For the record, declaring “martial law” means nothing concerning your constitutionally recognized rights. It is precisely in times of crisis that your rights matter the most, and the founders didn’t exempt hard times for the recognition of rights.

“Just obeying orders, ma’am. Just obeying orders, sir.”

Remember this…?

Just like each and every one of these cops… deserved to die.

You remember this if/when there is a regional/national SHTF. Don’t believe for a moment that all the nations LEO’s are just going to pack-up and go home fending for themselves. Hell no. What you will get, is an unhealthy dose of State Sponsored “Command Presence“. And the Only Ones they will be watching out for, are themselves, like a pack of wolves.

The Captain’s Journal

And never forget:

Knock and Talk


Knock and Shoot

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