New Category for Serficide

Riding In A “Vehicle…Backed Down the Road ‘In An Aggressive Manner”

Cops in Dallas slaughtered a 15-year old boy, the son of “great parents,” as he “was leaving a party over the weekend.

The killers’ chief claims the “officers heard gunshots as they were responding to a call of drunken teens about 11 p.m.” Those kids apparently drove away, but another, unrelated “vehicle Jordan [Edwards, the victim] was in backed down the road toward officers ‘in an aggressive manner.’ An officer fired at the vehicle and struck Jordan, who was pronounced dead at a hospital…”

“An aggressive manner.” Hmmm. I think anyone who’s driven an interstate highway can empathize. I myself have witnessed that “aggressive manner” innumerable times—and was once almost broadsided—when cops roar out of seclusion from the median in pursuit of some poor serf, whom they shake down for even more “revenue” than he’s already paid toward their salaries.

But I have yet to see any “vehicle” with a serf at the wheel “back down the road … ‘in an aggressive manner.’” As Jordan tragically proves, we’d be arrested—or worse—if we did. And indeed, the attorney Jordan’s family has retained insists this nonsense “’will not hold water when the facts come out’…”

Meanwhile, his football coach recalls, “Jordan had a contagious ‘smile that could light up a room’ and had many friends. … ‘You create a checklist of everything you would want in a player, a son, a teammate, a friend and Jordan had all that. He was that kid.’” Michael Geary not only sent me this story but summarized it: “The depravity that inhabits cops in America is reaching the point of surreal. What’s next? Gunning down church ladies at a bingo game?”

The Best of Becky Akers

From: Lew Rockwell

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