Why N. Korea Wants Nuclear Capabilities and What To Do About It

Deterrence is as much essential to N. Korea’s national security as the authors said it was to America’s. A North Korean nuclear capability helps to prevent war and the need to use force, just as it was argued that this was true of the U.S. There is no essential difference in these two cases. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Deterrence helps to prevent N. Korea from being attacked because S. Korea and the U.S. know that the result will be that they will suffer huge losses from a N. Korean counterattack. S. Korea and the U.S. know that N. Korea won’t use nuclear weapons in a first strike because the N. Koreans are deterred by the nuclear weapons of the U.S.

Deterrence, assurance, dissuasion and defeat.

As a side note, I have to laugh at some of these ex-mil-intel guys that have saturated the “Liberty Movement” with their “analysis” of the situation being played out concerning North Korea. Rather than taking an unfiltered and unbiased analysis of the situation, many (but not all) of these guys are looking at it through the filtered and biased view of their training. To simplify this, as an example… if you are a neocon by training, your whole world-view is filtered and biased through the neocon world-view. The hammer meet nail analogy.

While some of these guys have something to offer the liberty minded groups, too many of them offer nothing more than the world-view of the military-industrial-political groupthink that they came out of.

It’s like turning on the television, the station is Fox news, or NBC, and there is the retired General, most likely belonging to some MIC and/or CFR type org., to give us his assessment on why we need to be bombing everyone.


Much of our nation is behaving like a collection of uncivilized banshees celebrating, cheering, flag waving at the sight of any military contingent. The military’s only proper job is to defend our sovereighty & secure our national borders & nothing else.

In their pursuit of Armageddon

The ugly truth is, the West will manufacture a reason to globally acquire resources, of both the earth, and human kind. It is estimated, that there is 2 Trillion USD in various mineral deposits in Afghanistan, and let’s not forget to Opium trade. Trillions of mineral/gas/oil deposits in the Caspian Sea just above Iran. There are minerals to be extracted, oil, gas, and pipelines to be built. Heaven forbid that someone should get in our way. And certainly, the very last hold-outs to global central banking must be dealt with. What was the Biden family rewarded with in Ukraine?

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