Some Basement Cleaning

Why There Will NEVER Be A Political Solution To America’s Problems

Why Manufacturing Jobs Are Never Coming Back To America

Big Brother Is Still Watching You: Don’t Fall for the NSA’s Latest Ploy

But instead he folded like a 20 dollar suit

But, but, but… Trump: The US government needs a good shutdown

But wait! TRUMP: ‘We’re Very Happy With’ Republican Budget Agreement

It Is Becoming Illegal To Be Homeless In America

Trump Surrenders to the Iron Law of Oligarchy

Bottom 50% Of Americans No Longer Matter

The Relentless Push

An Emasculated Culture in a Fema-Nazi Society

Xi Jinping to Vladimir Putin: our friendship is unbreakable

China Demands “Immediate Halt” Of US Missile Shield Deployment In South Korea

Ivanka Pushes Open Borders & Globalism

Those who rally behind the modern concept of America rally behind a façade

He was chosen. He was selected. He was the means to their end.

MISOC: The U.S. Military’s Secret Brand of Fake News

New drug for rare childhood disease; price tag, $702,000 a year

Russia, China See Diplomacy as Only Solution of North Korean Crisis – Ambassador

Black Viper’s Windows 10 Service Configurations

Fortunately, I clean installed, reconfigured this box… so less basement cleaning.

American Debt Slaves

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