N. Korean War And Other Enemies Of Imperialism

Just a couple links on N. Korea. Whether you realize it or not, we ARE at war with N. Korea… and China… and Russia. Just because it hasn’t gone “hot” (yet), that being flying lead and boom-crack-snap (sniff-sniff), doesn’t mean the parts and pieces, real and imagined, of mind war fuckery are not being placed-n-played.

The administration’s flip-flopping on North Korea is only the latest incident to raise this question.

China Issues Unprecedented Warning To Citizens In North Korea To ‘Return Home’

China Calls For Calm In N Korea Standoff


China Reportedly Issues Final Warning To North Korea

US B-1 bombers fly over Korean Peninsula

US to Prevent China From Using Man-Made Islands to Stop S China Sea Travel


North Korea is building mysterious artificial islands that would be perfect for missile launches

Anyhow, if this goes hot, you better hope China (and Russia) either steps aside, or takes our side… because if they get involved to prevent the U.S.A. Bigly from overstepping in NK, while it may not go global, it will be a regional spank on U.S.A. Bigly’s ass. Which of course, is why Trump is throwing his penis around for. And China and Russia just may say… “We have those too, and Russia’s are better than U.S.A. Bigly. We’ll call your bluff.”

Kim Not Blinking At Multiple US Threats

Gif courtesy Rense

Fuck it. I’m going to say it. U.S.A. Bigly doesn’t want anyone to have nukes, because U.S.A. Bigly wants to be World Imperial Overlord. “Gosh! If NK gets nukes, what is going to happen if we decide to blow them to pieces democratize them? And they don’t want us to!”

But, but, but… if NK gets dem nukes… they’re gonna nuke us… with dem nukes fer sure fer sure sure! NK will just wake up one morning and say, “I think I’ll nuke America Bigly today… just because!”

Arm Japan and S. Korea to the teeth… as they PAY for it. If they don’t want to, then f’em. Yeah, maybe not… not good for the MIC, unless the America Boobus Taxpayer is creating Trillions of FRN screen pixels with its treasure and blood… for them. And yer safety. And Rah-Rah. Good entertainment… our “guy” versus their “guy”.

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