The Plan.


Working to stem the tide of reactionary recruitment within white working class communities, fight white supremacy, and build community defense. – Here

As a side note, all it takes is one bullet to hit its mark. And then it sucks to be you. And unpredictability can be a… bitch.


Power in Military Black Budgets

Trump’s attack on Syria was ‘after-dinner entertainment’ says US commerce secretary

Donald Trump’s stunning U-turn in less than seven days

Debt Insanity: Does Anyone In Washington Even Care That We Are 20 Trillion Dollars In Debt?

Trump may be getting sucked into the GMO / pesticide swamp

The Illusion of US Cooperating With Russia in Combating Terrorism

US Commandos Set to Counter North Korean Nuclear Sites Yep. Piece of cake. Just like Iraq.

Trump’s Son-in-Law & Top Advisor Failed to Disclose Soros, Goldman Sachs Ties, & $1 Billion Debt

Two Stories Signal Trump’s No Longer Running the Show

White House Staff Claims See-Through Fence, Levee Flood Protection System Is a ‘Border Wall’

Limbaugh to Pence: ‘What Is the Point of Voting Republican If the Democrats Are Going to Continue to Win?’

Hot Glue Gun Triggers 4-Hour Lockdown At Colgate University

Your government saving you: How the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting spun out of control

All in the Family Trump

Why Is James Comey Still Director Of The FBI?

Oh thank God for the ADL

McMaster Hires Major General Ricky Waddell as Deputy NSA without Trump’s Approval

National Security Advisor McMaster May Accept Role as Army Vice Chief of Staff, Receive Promotion to General

Du Jour

The first step to getting your freedom and liberty backBut first – And right after this message – And after you beat-up these guys – While they sit back amused and laughing – While bitching and moaning this didn’t save your ass – Because America – And this – And while however true this may be, and may not get you this, maybe that is the plan?

Wel… lalalala, maybe this, too.

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