Breaking ObamaCare News!

House repukes tinker with ObamaCare! Removed some provisions, and added some new provisions! Kept the “best” parts! The Republican ObamaCare “replacement” bill! The Genius of it all! Repealing it… without repealing it! Oh swoon Donald! You truly are the “God-Emperor”! The master of 3D Underwater Chess! Your “Donald Masturbation Team” won’t even notice!


The senate will scrap the parts of ObamaCare they don’t like, replace those parts with something new, and keep the parts they do like. For their own version of ObamaCare repeal, not!


Okay, I found the enumerated power of “Health Care” in the constitution. You have to get 4 oz  of Lemon juice, mixed with a tea-spoon of salt, pour it in your eyes, and then you’ll see Article 1, Section 8: Clause 18 B.

Go Ahead And Cheer The Fraud

And in other news!

You are all homosexuals!

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