Oh Thank God For The Po-Lice!

Marinol is an FDA approved medication for cancer patients. It helps them keep down food. It’s a synthetic form of THC, but it’s legal.

According to her pharmacist, the amount of THC in her blood is not enough to make anyone high. The time Kastner will spend in jail will force her to miss a chemo session, which will force her to restart her whole regimen. Her doctor is not happy.

Every hour. Every day. Every week. Every month. Every year. Year after year.

Protecting and Serving.

Police Kick and Beat a Diabetic Man and Laugh About It

Fuck yeah! Bad-ass and getting some!

Heroes! Every one of them!

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7 Responses to Oh Thank God For The Po-Lice!

  1. gamegetterII says:

    Scum sucking pieces of excrement.
    If it’s only “a few bad apples”- where’s all the “good cops” screaming for cops like these to be sent to prison?
    There’s nothing- zero cops speaking out against the scum kicking in innocent people’s doors at 4am and shooting their dogs- or saying a word about the cops mentioned in the post.
    This can only mean there are no good cops.
    There used to be some good cops- they all got out of law enforcement because of stuff like the above video and the violation of people’s rights.

    • Curtis says:

      The woman with cancer and medical THC in her blood. How is not possible, that any of TP’sTB said to themselves… Hey! We made a big mistake here. Get her out, and now?

      Because, the Law is the Law. And not only is the Law, the Law, the Law has been Militarized to the hilt. And not only is the Law being Militarized to the hilt, the Militarized Law will become absolutely, absolute. And you WILL NOT question that authority of absolutism.

      How dare you! How dare you criticize us! We are the Law! You BETTER know your place! And that place is under our thumb! Got it?!

      • gamegetterII says:

        Some people have issues with authority-especially the authority of the badged orcs of the police state.
        Maybe enough people will start standing up to the militaristic orcs and the police state will start to fall apart- especially if the orcs weren’t sure they were going home to their families at the end of their shift.

        • Curtis says:

          True. But their are to many who grab their crotches and gyrate their loins in adulation before copdom. Cops biting the dust, for any reason, makes them martyrs for the Police State. Just take a good look at the “Donald Masturbation Team”.

          • gamegetterII says:

            I had an as*hole local cop pull his gun on me when I asked him if I could get out of the truck to show him why the license plate was screwed to the tailgate and not the rusted out part of the bumper where it usually goes.
            The guy either had ‘roid rage or he did too much meth or something.
            This was at 2am and the dumbass could see that the freakin bumper was rusted out in the middle- and the 36 buckets of salt, shovels, snowblower, and bags of calcium chloride- plus the yellow and green flashing lights on the truck should have been enough of a clue that we were working.
            Ohio traffic law doesn’t say the rear plate has to be in center of bumper.
            It says plainly visible on rear of vehicle and illuminated at night- which it was.
            Somebody with a brain must have told him that when he called our names in – aftet pulling his gun and screaming “stay in the truck” 4 or 5 times in a row at me.
            Just a bit of an overreaction huh?

            • Curtis says:

              This whole crap of “officer safety” has just gone to far. These cops literally have drilled into single cell brains that everyone is a threat, so everyone must be treated like garbage. And how dare you show that idiot what should have been obvious.

              • gamegetterII says:

                It was a 1997 Chevy 1500 ,the whole center of the bumper was gone,rusted away,no solid metal to attach plate.
                Next day I welded a few pieces of angle iron to what little solid metal I could find,then bolted the plate to that.
                I figured it would keep the moron from pulling us over again,didn’t want to get shot-since we had 4 accounts in his “territory” I wasn’t taking any chances.
                Cops weren’t such asswipes when I was younger-the old cops in that city rarely pulled anyone over,and rarely wrote tickets because they didn’t want to deal with the paperwork or waste half a day in mayor’s court on ticket hearing day.
                Now,if you question their authority-their first reaction is they want to shoot you.
                I still had to be a smart ass to supercop-when he came back to the truck,after he told us we weren’t getting a ticket-he asked us if we were a salt crew-I told him no-we’re a pepper crew.
                he got mad and stomped back to his car.
                Who else drives around with a truck full of buckets of salt? Dumbest thing he said during the whole thing.

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