America is overdue

All the pent up anger and resentment from those who have sat back and watched as their government grew bigger and more intrusive; while their so-called conservative party has betrayed true conservative principles; while the left has forced their Utopian agendas down their throats is going to come pouring out, and once that genie’s out of the bottle there won’t be no putting him back until either they, or those who caused them to take up arms lay dead in the streets.

Even our government, and this includes federal, state and local governments, have taken to using massive amounts of force to impose their will on the people they govern. Look at the militarization of our law enforcement agencies. Look at how SWAT is called out more and more for routine calls.

Because these rights are deemed politically incorrect and offensive


As the saying goes, not all change is progress.


Prudence is thirty-four. She has had sex with twenty-one men and three women.


And note here, you can argue until you face is blue that most, or “some”, of the Founders were not Christians, by twisting the facts taken out of context by a single sentence and/or paragraph. And the fact is, most of the people who make these arguments, especially in the “Liberty Bowel Movement”, are atheists who scour the internet looking for single sentence/paragraphs to “prove” their “point”. Never mind that these people do not, and will not, scour the internet for copies of the actually writings/letters of the Founders, and READ them from top to bottom to suck up their perspective in its entirety. It is like reading a sentence/paragraph from Tacitus, then proclaiming, “I know all about The Annals Of Imperial Rome!”

America Was Founded As A Christian Nation By Christians

Don’t bother commenting and arguing. I’ll just delete it. You can find the complete papers and writings of America’s founders online. And yes, I am sure you are one of those “rugged individualist individuals” who don’t need anyone, including God.


In order to appease Left-wing “gender fluid” lunatics like Bill Nye


Trends in Suicidality and Serious Self-Harm for Children 5-17 Years, 2008-2015


The nerve to not honor


The United States government of course


NATO Commander Wants More US Forces to Counter Russia anti-US/NATO globalist expansionism – Make no mistake. The globalist West will not stop bringing the whole world under its globalist mandate. It’s sole purpose is to bring the whole world under the rule of globalist debauchery… while calling it, “democracy”. And one day, because of this, you will experience, WWIII… that will make WWII, look like fun. It has been written. It has to be so. The NWO has been mandated… by consent, or conquest. The world will assimilate.


Detroit Is A Reminder Peak America Was Over 50Yrs Ago

One day, America WILL go off the deep-end.

Have you noticed that every 4 and/or 8 years, Americans from one side of the political spectrum or the other, actually worship their “leader”? A cult of… personality? None of which offers you liberty, just more “better” government? It is actually amusing to watch the left-right paradigm being played against the American people, all the while, neither side of the party insiders offer liberty. And, have you noticed, they’ll offer you a cookie, a “great” idea, in one disguise or another (like “health care” for instance)… but first, they have to “legalize it” with a myriad of laws, codes, statutes, etc.?

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