Just A Reminder

Just imagine being a Jew in WWII… x’s 100. You won’t be fighting for “freedom”. You won’t be fighting for “liberty”. You won’t be fighting for the “constitution”. You won’t be fighting to restore some kind of “order”. You won’t be fighting to restore and reconstruct a “sane government”.

You won’t be fighting for anything… other than surviving another day, that you may fight to survive the other day. Wash, rinse, repeat. That is going to be your life. That is going to be your fight. Nothing more. You are going to be the hunted dog, always looking over your shoulder. That is what you are going to be.

It is not going to be Civil War part II, and this time, your side wins, and liberty is proclaimed throughout the land. You are not going to create some little “Tribal” enclave, where you defeat TP’sTB, day in, and day out, where liberty reigns. You will be an animal. You will be both the predator, and the dinner. You will be hunter – gatherers, always on the move.

That ship, to your freedom, and liberty, sailed a long time ago. Look at the left, and look at the right. Millions of them. They are all pro-government. Despite the fact, that the government, is the largest Techno-Police State ever devised by mankind in the history of histories. And when the stink let’s loose, they will be… pro-government.

Do you need proof?

Remember where we were? Here we are. Imagine where we will be?

And all those “patriots” voted, and voted, and voted, and here we are. And they’ll vote again. And it gets hotter, and hotter, and hotter. They have you pegged.

And they are so far ahead of you. This isn’t something they popped out of their thinking box just this morning. They have been plotting, they have been planning, they have been scheming, they have been studying you, they have been squeezing, you are the proverbial frog in the pot slowly being cooked. And you have no semblance to those dead old white guys that called you their posterity. You are, whether you want to admit it, or not, a whole new creature.

And in the end, of worldly matters, you are going to lose… because no one would.

Trust me, those dead old whites guys have disowned you.

Because? Because. Why, that’s the plan. All along.

Oh, you can bet your ass they’ll come after you. On their terms. Don’t shoot… until you see their backs, through your dimming eyes.

Then what?


And as always, you’ll play right into their hands.

Run… like hell.

You are the… resistance.

And… the show must go on.

As it always does.

Americans had their time. It’s their time, times, and time again.

You are not getting your freedom, and liberty back.

And government, isn’t going to just stop… ever. And the “swamp” is never going to be drained… ever.

Shhh! By the way… they know about your little plans.

I wouldn’t get to upset about it… it’s just the way it’s going to be. So deal with it.

In related news:

395 birds dead after flying into skyscraper

Pisses ya off… doesn’t it?

Get some.

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