We Own The World

And anything to challenge that, will be dealt with by force…

Frants Klintsevich of the State Duma Committee for Defense and Security said it showed America were trying to police “the globe”.

He said: “What immediately draws attention is the list of nations where US congressmen want to have special control over sea ports.

These are Russia, China, Iran and Syria. The United States is again trying to expand its jurisdiction all over the globe.

Russia accuses USA of ‘declaration of war’ and warns of ‘response’

US plans to deploy warships to control seaports and shipping routes in the east Pacific

External control over Russian sea ports was out of the question

House Passes New Sanctions on North Korea

Is the US House Trying Declare War?

US Army Preparing for ‘Battle for Seoul’ With South Korea Military Shake-Up

Insouciant Americans might have believed this

China Demands Calm From Agitated North Korea And Trump

Sauron Rules in Washington

Russia is to U.S. democracy “the greatest threat of any nation on earth – A smart man will substitute “U.S. democracy” with globalism.

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