Sunday Links

The Bible: The Book (That Every Modern Bad-Ass American Super Patriot Won’t Read Because It’s A Sign of Weakness) That Made America

A Nation Without A Soul

This Isn’t Realpolitik. This Is Amateur Hour.

Bill Increases Unskilled Worker Visas 120%

Silicon Valley ‘Tech-Slaves’ Forced To Live In Their Cars

How Governments Outlaw Affordable Housing

U.S. Goal Now Is to Conquer Russia

US dismisses Russia’s ban on military aircraft over Syria safe zones

Illegal rapes a four-year-old girl and filmed the attack

More cities offering to pay legal defense for illegal immigrants

Muhammed and Amelia are now the most-popular boys’ and girls’ names in London

How Government Literally Makes People Go Insane

Armored Combat Brigade Team Moving By Rail

Venezuelan National Guard Truck Drives Through Crowd of Dissidents

Bursting the Government Messiah Myth

The Root Cause Of War Is Government

US Marines could deploy robots and ‘HyperSubs’ to storm future beaches

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