Magnificent Chocolate Cake

Congress Passes “Massive Spending Bill” To Subvert Russian Politics

An underground fire, radioactive waste, and governmental failure

Serious Situation After Tunnel Collapse At WA Nuclear Facility; Evacuation Ordered, No-Fly Zone In Place

More than 100 veterans died waiting for care at Los Angeles VA hospital

Kushner Begged Trudeau to Talk Sense Into Trump Over NAFTA

President Trump is Fulfilling a Campaign Promise By Appointing Conservative Judges – Remember where we were? Here we are. Cuck, or lib. I reckon in 4 or 8 years you’ll have your consteetootion and liberty restored.

Trump’s immigration enforcement helps slow illegal border crossings by 76% – Right-o! Because… in the last 8 years they were watching them as they came in? If that goes over your head…

Martin gets a degree

Obamacare Taxes Aren’t Necessarily Going Away: GOP Senators

F.B.I. Director James Comey Is Fired by Trump – Or, one for the team? Or, as I am told, I am blind to the Trump’s greatness.

Once Rock Star of French Right, Marion Le Pen Announces She Is Quitting Politics – Or… I see the light.

Are you entertained?

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