Humor For The Day…

Oh yoo-hoo! You better stop it bad people! We’re serious as a heart-attack! We mean it! You better watch out… or, or, or… you better watch out!  We’re about to quiver our lips! And you know what that means! It means we’ll quiver our lips! And then you will know we are really-really serious! Quiver. Quiver-quiver! See? You got us started! Look into our eyes as our lips quiver. Pretty scary, huh? And you know what that means! Yeah, see? You’re crapping your pants now, huh? See? We told you! Better watch it! One more lip-quiver and we’ll sic the The God-Emperor on you! While, while, while… why you just wait and see! You bunch of meanies! We has a plan! And then you’re doomed! Just wait and see!

And in other news…

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2 Responses to Humor For The Day…

  1. genearly says:

    Sarcasm is the last free speech in a growing tyranny, however imo Trump isn’t the Cause of it, and is the last chance at a reconciliation of rational politics, as far fetched as that may be.
    Better to fully exhaust all attempts at petitioning the government before being forced into plan B.
    Better to spend the remaining time pre-paring and encouraging the restoration attempt.
    Just one man’s view, which like yours will be obliterated in the frenzy of a war between neighbors.

    • Curtis says:

      There is no plan B. There is no rational politics… in a sea of schizophrenia. There is no restoration. There is no patriot movement. There is no III movement. And it is very unlikely that there will be frenzy of a war between neighbors.

      Your problem is not your neighbor, or AntiFa. Your problem is in Washington D.C. And your children will assimilate.

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