What Does Putin Think About Comey

Be sure to read some of the comments…


Seriously, what is this? An attempt in a gotcha moment?

And seriously, I get a tickle from all those “patriots” sucking on the tit of the globalist US-NATO, European Union, and a sundry list of Neo-Cons, who think if you’re not bashing Putin and Russia, you must be some kind of commie, and no patriot.

If you’re not all for attacking, and bombing the shit out of countries who reject the globalist US-NATO, European Union, and sundry list of Neo-Con war programs… yer not a patriot.

And what is really funny, is that now that Trump is president, it is all cool again.

This is why I have spit out this whole III thing. This whole Patriot Bowel Movement thing. Because all of them, every single one of them, are like a reed blowing in the wind… with very few exceptions.

Is it really a frikkin wonder why Washington D.C. doesn’t take the Patriot Bowel Movement serious? Is it really a wonder that D.C. keeps going on in the globalist fashion that it does? Is it really any wonder why the globalist Police State is growing and slowly crushing your liberty, while promoting degeneracy? Because the Bowel Movement is a joke. And TP’sTB know that it is nothing more than a laundry list of individual schizophrenic dumb-fuckery fighting itself.

Tomes, after tomes, after tomes of why you shouldn’t do this or that, and why “they” got what they got because of Federal law, statute, code ABCDEFG… Z. Tomes, after tomes, after tomes of why “they” were stupid-shits. Tomes, after tomes, after tomes of why “they” deserved what they got. Tomes, after tomes, after tomes of splitting hairs and popping pimples of “they”. Seriously, the self-defeating is endless, and it is called an “after-action report” of it’s better to do nothing than “being a bunch of shits like those guys”.

Here is a good one. Donald Trump is our last great hope. So, just sit tight and wait out another 8 years… because then, if The Donald don’t save us, you can be assured that the next 4 or 8 years after that, TP’sTB are sure to set a fire-cracker up the “patriot” movements anal canal… then watch out! When the fact is, you’ll be waving your U.S.A. Bigly flag rah-rah’ing a globalist induced war for Globalist Utopian Rainbow Farts, Inc.

They are… the masters of deception, and distraction. And have the vast majority of the “patriot” movement well-trained… in tomes of inaction.

Are you hearing me younger generation? Your predecessors, your fathers, and grandfathers, sold you out to hopefully do… what they refused to do. So much so, in that they were to busy making excuses, and bickering, and splitting hairs, and popping pimples, and looking at pictures of half-naked girls. So, if you decide to take up that mantle that your forefathers wouldn’t, never forget that they did not only, not, cherish liberty, they didn’t cherish yours. Of course, this is all assuming that what passes as today’s “liberty” movement,  didn’t trained you to be a schizophrenic, salad bowl variety, naval gazing, patriot. Not to mention all that degeneracy and confusion that your forefathers allowed to be squeezed into your heads. Also, don’t forget, “we” allowed TP’sTB to advance the power, and use of, AI Techno-Police State to keep a better eye on you, than they were able to do with us.

Good luck.

We are the architects of your judgement.

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