The Good Old NSA – The Other Swamp

Leaked NSA Malware Is Helping Hijack Computers Around the World

Hackers Hit Dozens of Countries Exploiting Stolen N.S.A. Tool

An NSA-derived ransomware worm is shutting down computers worldwide

Top NSA Whistleblower: Ransomware Hack Due to “Swindle of the Taxpayers” by Intelligence Agencies


White House Staff React in Real-Time as Trump Tweets

Trump’s Comey firing sets off new round of leaks

H.R. McMaster: ‘America First Didn’t Mean America Alone, Ever’ – See Top NSA Whistleblower – Also think NeoCon Speak – And just a note for all you Israelite firsters… it is exactly the USA policy in the Middle East and Persia, that will eventually get Israel attacked by a combined force of the upcoming, in creation, Sunni/Wahhabi Caliphate Coalition. Courtesy… U.S.A.

U.S. Nears $100 Bln Arms Deal for Saudi Arabia: White House official

An unnamed “intelligence agency”

Such a nation exists

Yes, your children are behaving badly

Only… If Only Is The Swan Song – And no folks, you did not vote for a constitutionalist as president. You voted for a wrecking ball. A wrecking ball that will blow whichever way his wind blows.

It is the immense sin of the so-called “Western world” that it let these demented individuals take control with little or no resistance and that now almost the entire western society lack the courage to even admit that it surrendered itself to what I can only call a satanic cult. Alexander Solzhenitsyn prophetic words spoken in 1978 have now fully materialized:


Let’s find out!

For your entertainment:


Excuse me, but I like these places left as they are: Beautifully dangerous, with no warning labels, and as little government out there as possible.

Yeah. During my many adventures out in the Desert Wilderness, I know where many of these abandoned mines are, and have them mapped. Unfortunately, thanks to the government nannies, over the years, they have blasted the entrances to these old mines.

I was reading an old book many years ago. In one section, it talked about an old miner, and his grand-son. The grand-son was picking the old mans mind. The old miners gold mine played out, but he did one day find a Turquoise outcropping. But, at the time, it wasn’t worth the effort and money to mine, and it was low-grade. The old miner couldn’t remember the exact location and gave the grand-son the general location. So the grand-son looked for it off and on for several years, and never found it. So, I remember these things when I am out and about in the Desert in the general directions of these stories I read. And lo and behold… what do I find one day? A Turquoise outcropping, in a dry-wash coming out of one of the many desert peaks, about 7 feet off the ground, in the general area he said it was. But, as the old miner said, low-grade, very low-grade, and even in today’s market, not worth the effort. Then, there is that low-grade fire opal in El Paso Mountains, SW of the range. I used to pick those, put them in small glass vials with water and sell them at the swap-meet for 5-10 dollars.

I knew a guy several years ago that used to prospect the Randsburg/Johannesburg area. But he had a different method. He’d spend time researching the area at the county looking at all the mine claims. He’d find the claims that were no longer valid, map them, and then check them out. You can still find gold in some these old mines. In the quartz seams, between the Schist. What you are looking for is the Oxidated red Schist. Anyhow, I don’t know what happened to him. He just disappeared and I never saw him again.

I found an old mine in the Big Bear area, now part of a State Park. Knocked off some Quartz, took it home, crushed and panned it. Found a few flakes.

Then there is the old Mexican miner whose grandfather and father worked the gold in Sonora, Mexico. I met him at the swap meet. He was wearing a hard-hat. Always wearing his hard-hat. He bought one of my vials of Opal. We got to talking. Got to know each other over several weeks. He prospected the local area. He came across an old Silver mine about 300 feet up, on a small ledge, whose opening was covered by vegetation. He showed me some silver buttons, about the size of a half-dollar and 4 times as thick that he had smelted. You can see a very faint hint of gold tinge in them. I know where it is. His son still goes in there for some pocket change.

Very few prospectors will get rich. It is mostly corporations today. And mostly just a back-breaking hobby for everyone else. Some people may get lucky and hit a sweet-spot once in a while. I knew a guy several years ago who leased heavy equipment. He also did some assaying and bought gold. There was a guy who prospected the Lytle Creek area. Well, he went off the beaten path and over into another canyon over a mountain ridge. In a week, working a small creek, he hit the sweet spot in a crevice. I don’t remember how many ounces, but he came out with a green pan brimming to the top with gold. I saw the picture this old assayer took.

I’ve probably over the years have done enough labor to build a sky-scraper, and over all those years, accumulated a very few ounces of gold over time. The most I ever found in one day, was just slightly over a half ounce in Northern Calif. in the roots of an old tree, up against a small creek. I’d just use to put them in small water filled vials and sell it at the swap-meet. Well, there was that hiker who kicked a dirt clod and it turned out to be a dirt encrusted 9 ounce gold nugget.

My left-over horde of flour gold and small nuglets:

Due to my crushed lower disc, I can’t do it anymore. Or, I would… hoping for that one big break.


And this was Otto’s Placer Mine. He was an old WWII vet. He passed on a few years ago. All the equipment is gone, including his pink and white trailer. He lived here. It was mostly flour gold, with a few nuggets here and there. The biggest one he found was about an 1 1/2 ounces, which he found under a boulder that he had moved. Said it was right under it and you couldn’t miss it. He made a belt-buckle with it. This is all an old ancient river-bed. You had to dig into the hills were the ancient river rock, or high bank was, then go down to the bedrock. He didn’t get rich, but he made a good living off of it. He ran this mine for about 50 years. I met him… because he saved my life. You had to strain his coffee through your teeth. He had several attempts on his life for his mine. The BLM is glad he is gone and reclaimed it.

This 156 Troy Oz nugget was found near Randsburg in 1977 using a metal detector.

No. I did not find it.

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