Erp. Where Is N. Korea?


Erp-A-Derp… I dunno. Wah-ta ya thunk George? I dunno Leroy… but let’s bomb the fuck out of it. He-He!


North Korean Hackers Emerge As “Culprits” Behind Global Malware Cyberattack

The traditional scapegoat for – well – pretty much anything these days, Russia, denied it had anything to do with the cyberattack.

What… what… how dare… what… UMBRAGE!

Shhhhhhh… you can’t get dumb-ass Americans on board Global Policing For Globalism™, without a little spy B.S.

Hell. You people don’t want to MAGA. You want to Make America Humongously Bigly For Global Policing For Globalism™ to Make The World Great With American Democracy Degeneracy™. At any cost.

Sure would be nice if Americans were bad-ass for their liberty, rather than being bad-ass globocopping the world for globalism.

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