Hope And Change Part II

genearly says:
May 14, 2017 at 5:57 pm

Your linking to leftist progreSSive fake news is getting tiresome.

This folks, is cognitive dissonance. I suppose if I am not linking to The Gateway Pundit, or The Last Refuge, for 24/7 Trump worship and masturbation, why… I must be a “progreSSive“.

But, but, but… Trump’s not Hillary Clinton!

And thank God for that. But, Trump is still a Cluster-F**k. In a reality tee-vee sort of way. Ya know, entertaining, if that sort of thing gets you off. Trump did it to himself when he invited all those Goldman Sachs-us and CFR globalists into his inner circle. And what about Trumps Jared and Ivanka? WTF? Donald’s little princess and Soros hanger-on. And Trump really needs to just shut his mouth sometimes, instead of lashing out on Twitter. Trump needs to MAN-UP and TAKE CHARGE, rather than going on all these hissy-fit tirades (like Twitter) that become nothing more than fodder for both the LEFT, and Right Globalists. Trump, is his own worst enemy. I am afraid we got a reality drama tee-vee star.

P.S. Trump is not going to get you your liberty back. Trump is not going make America the Economic Power-House that it once was. But, I’ll tell what Trump is… another excuse for Americans, the so-called “Liberty Movement“, to NOT do, what is its right, and ought, to do. It’s just more… hope. And you know what is going to happen after Trump is gone, and you get another Obama, or worse? Nothing. Americans are trained monkeys forever lost in its techno gadgets and cognitive dissonance.

Anyhow, I gotta run off to the VA. Speaking of the VA, even it reminds me of how much America has changed. Especially since… Dial Emergency 9-1-1. But then again, didn’t America take a big shift since then? And dumb-ass Americans keep falling for it.

But don’t you worry, you have… Hope and Change Part II.

By the way Gen… I smell the hint of… frustration. But, it is misplaced.

And seriously? That Beautiful Piece of Chocolate Cake?

The Globalists march on… like the snake slithers on.

Ann Coulter Is Worried The ‘Trump-Haters Were Right’

“This Is The Great Negotiator?”

Know what I am tired of? This hands off the “God-Emperor” mentality going around like some voodoo spell. As if I am supposed to just grab my crotch, and gyrate my loins in orgasmic adulation… like some voodoo devotee before a “God-Emperor”.

I wish Trump success. I really do. But he f**ked himself from the get-go. Trump has too much… feelz.

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