Proof CNN Is A Military Psyop

I’ve mentioned this before. And I’ll say it again. I was home on Dial Emergency 9-1-1 recovering from a severe leg injury. I couldn’t sleep and got up early about 5 A.M. or so, made some coffee, and headed for the couch with the teevee on. I was watching the news all that morning. The suddenly… News Flash.

And I remember, some time that morning, as the newscasters were speaking of it, National Emergency stuff, watching an Army Psy-Ops unit being set up. They panned their damn camera’s on them for a very few short seconds, all in uniform, before cutting back to the newscasters. It was never spoken of again. Never shown again. It just went right down the memory-hole.

I don’t remember which news station it was. It may have been CNN with their trade-mark everything in red. I do remember all that red.

And as I have said before, while most of America was going through an Oh-My-God emotional roller-coaster, I just watched it all, and listened, and paid attention. I’m not one to forget the last 8 seconds, as the other 8 seconds come about. So I watched, and listened, and paid attention. And you can guess what I was thinking as I watched both those Twin Towers coming down. You can guess what I was thinking when we were told why none of those civilian passenger jets were intercepted. And you can guess what I was thinking when some newscaster was telling us that Tower 7 fell while still standing in the background. And on and on. Because unlike most Americans, I am not an emotional ninny to get my mind clouded full of Oh-My-Gods. As reason and logic went down Americans collective underwear.

I know. I am mean. I have no fweewings. I am an asshole and a conspiracy-monger.

And… “Let’s roll!” USA! USA! USA!

Bigly. Humongously!

Global Police for Globalism!

And when we are successful… and we will be…

No shit.



And YOU… believe it is just the “MEDIA”.

And America does not support radical Sunni/Wahhabi head-chopping terrorists.

Sad faces!


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