President Trump must do the following

President Trump is under siege: by traitors in his inner circle, by the liberal media, by Deep State Quislings and by the Democrats who smell blood in the water.

The President’s agenda, ‘To Make America Great Again’, is being torpedoed and in danger of being sunk, by constant leaks from the White House; by concocted fabrications from the bottom feeders in the corporate, mainstream media; by establishment hacks in the Beltway and by the Democrats (AND REPUKES), who know they are all one step away from being indicted on charges ranging from violations of the Espionage Act to the murder of Seth Rich.

The President has one only one option

Find the amoeba.

Top Trump Officials Behind Anti-Trump Leaks to Media


First: Saudi Arabia building an Islamic NATO

Hey! That’s a bigly huge plan!

Second: Trump to unveil plans for an ‘Arab NATO’ in Saudi Arabia

It would be a regional menace

Trump = Idiot.

Trump’s Plan Finally Becomes Clear

Falling right into the trap for a precursor to a Arab/Persia Sunni-Wahhabi Caliphate.


Know what the amusing thing is? Israel bringing it all down on itself.

And if you can’t see all the pieces falling in place (as I have mentioned elsewhere on this very blog), and what the aftermath will be…

You too, are an idiot.

And the snake slithers on… on the slither.

There I go again. Hurting some Trump-ites fweewings.


Turkish Caliph-President Denounces Trump’s Anti-ISIS Strategy To His Face

Erdogan bodyguards in violent clash with protesters – And Here

Armed guards with Turkey’s entourage beat up protesters on American soil today



Should I tell you again, why Russia has become America’s mortal boogeyman? The answer, partially, is right here in this very post.

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