Lil’ Miss Hot Mess


You think this crap goes on in Russia and China?

Oh. But there I go again! Bad talking and being a traitor to America.


America’s future. LMAO.

One day, Americans are going to regret it.

It, the regret, will be misplaced… of course.

I believe these young American white kids in their teens and 20s and early 30s will never fight back.  They will lay down and roll over and pee on themselves like little puppies.  Same in Europe. They will not fight back. Your brother is right, the bastards in Europe are giving it all away and the bastards here in America will also roll over and pee on themselves.

This is what governments have done to us.  This is what ‘voting’ has given us.


I was born in the last of the best days of a mighty empire.

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