The US Sinks Into Irrelevancy

It was too busy selling itself out in the name of globalist free-trade for magical unicorn farts of NWO luvvvv-ah. You can’t blame the rest of the world for taking advantage of it, and stealing America’s toilet seats. Hell, we gave it away. They just took advantage of it.

Remembering that a) the Trilateral Commission set out in 1973 to create a “New International Economic Order” and b) its members essentially adopted and invested in China to become a Technocracy (an economic system), it is not coincidental that the U.S. is finally being taken off the world stage as the primary economic power, and China is taking over. I have said for decades that this is an economic coup and not a political coup. Just about everyone has missed this 800 pound gorilla in the living room.  TN Editor

World Leaders Gather In Beijing While The US Sinks Into Irrelevancy

Just smile and wink at those dumb-ass Americans, as they continue their downward spiral of degeneracy swirling down the toilet and into the cesspool. Look! There’s Trump… looking to Let’s Make A Deal! MAGA! Ha-Ha! America! Still for sale. We’ll consumer them to their grave.

The empty vessels like Lindsey Graham, Rubio, Schumer, Feinstein, Ryan, et. al.

Just like Trump sold out to the Saudi Wahhabi Arabians. Need a job? You can always work to massively build up the Wahhabi’s infrastructure… while the Wahhabi’s are investing buying up more America. Possibly that 350 Billion arms deal with the Wahhabi’s will give you a job with the Military Industrial Complex… while your sons and daughters are out doing more globocopping.


Shocking Admission From NY Bankruptcy Judge: “Chapter 11, 15 Filings Have Exploded”

The Tens Of Millions Of Forgotten Americans That The U.S. Economy Has Left Behind

Trump doesn’t have a clue. How do you know? Look who he turns to. Look at who saturates his cabinet. Goldman Sachs-us, CFR, Soros hanger-ons. And oh swoon, the Saudi Wahhabi’s were just infatuated with Trumps lovely wife… that ought to be a bonus for the American Booboisie… hitting them right in their hearts. Saudi’s… He-He! They’ll fall for it.

Still laughing at this…

The inauguration of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Sunni/Wahhabi Ideology. (For the further advancement of a Sunni/Wahhabi Caliphate).

You can’t make this shit up.

No! Wait! They did!


Says the Wahhabi: Dumb-ass American Infidel Booboisie are eating this up.

Trump And Saudi Arabia Agree To Take “Good and Evil” Fight To Iran

Neocons Are Still Writing The Script

The Orb – Wahhabis And Zionists Urge Trump To Regime-Change Syria To Fight Iran

Saudi Arabia and the “War on Terror”

Look! Saudi Wahhabi Arabia anti-terrorist unit diligently saving the world from Sunni/Wahhabi Islamic Jihad ideology!

Sad puppies?

Hell no! MAGA for Globalism!

President Tump & King Salman view exhibition on religious tolerance & coexistence among faiths

Melania & Ivanka Trump praising Saudi Arabia on women’s rights

This country is becoming a total joke and it’s not merely because of Donald Trump. While he’s certainly becoming a key player in our national embarrassment, this country’s decent into a reckless Banana Republic has been a long time coming.

Let’s take stock of where things stand in mid-2017. Our opposition Democratic Party (Hillary in a leather jacket yelling about Russia) is a joke. Our corporate media is a joke. Our foreign policy is a joke. Our economy is a joke. Our justice system is a joke. It’s all a joke, and it might even be somewhat humorous if it wasn’t so incredibly dangerous.

America is already a Banana Republic and it’s only going to get worse

And here is President Trump, after absorbing mystical magic from “The Orb”, transferring that mystical magic for Sunni/Wahhabi – Israel peace.

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