Breaking News! Child Marriage Linked To Climate Change!

These people are mentally ill. Notice her emotional feelz appeal. What generation do you think she is appealing to?

Anyhow… Let’s move on to Ivanka Trump and Climate Change.

And let’s get something straight here. For all these people still stuck on “Draining The Swamp“. Ya know, the Deep State. The NWO. The Globalists. The U.N. aficionados. It is not going to happen. At MOST you may get a few amoebas picked out of the Swamp. That – is – it. The Deep State-NWO-Globalists will march on. Isn’t it obvious by Trumps recent trip to the Middle East? Isn’t it obvious that Trump’s inner-circle is saturated by Goldman Sachs-us, CFR, Soros hanger-ons… and Ivanka and Jared?

Seriously, this whole “Drain The Swamp” crap has become nothing more than entertainment for the people. Meanwhile… The Beat Goes On.

But, but, but… just look at the “good” stuff says the devil. Nothing to see “over there” says the devil.

Not one in a million will catch the word/color play.

I think it is quite… prophetic.

Lord President TRUMP.

Or, in some circles… the “God-Emperor”.

Admit it, you’re cool with Globalism anyhow.

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