The Russians!

Ya know, for all this talk about how the Russians stole the election… and etc., etc., etc., by the dumbocrats, there is another side to this. That side is the repukocrats.

The dumbocrats and repukocrats in both congress and the senate want you to be convinced, and very-very scared, that Russia is on the very verge of swooping down in a massive mechanized move through Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, on through Poland, and the entire Eastern Europe at any minute now. Of course, this has been said for many years now, as if Russia has massive amounts of tanks and other armor idling on the Estonia border… just waiting. Patiently. Dastardly scheming for just the right chance to pull it off.

Despite the huge U.S. military presence in Europe, it apparently is not enough.

“There is a tremendous interest in Eastern Europe for a more permanent presence,” Rep. Thornberry said.

House Looks to Increase Permanent U.S. Military Footprint in Europe

NATO needs to go. But then, if there were no NATO, then the Military Industrial Complex would have less to feed… at bloated, astronomical prices in return.

But then, this is all a feint. A block. A threat. You just keep your eye on the Middle East. When shit starts to fly down there, you’ll understand why US-NATO is on Russia’s door-step.

Just remember that Trump 350 Billion 10 year military package to Saudi Wahhabi Arabia.

CIA, Saudi Arabia, and Jihad

Donald of Arabia: A Disgusting Spectacle

Lassoed him with a golden chain

Mystic Rabbis Explain Hidden Spiritual Truth of Trump’s Momentous Visit to Israel

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

Like Minded! Yes! Like Minded!



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Alright. Humor… sort of.

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