Farmer faces $2.8 million fine after plowing field

Did you know that I have a “wetlands” in my backyard every time we get a good rain? Did you know I don’t give a shit? Waters of the United States?

A farmer faces trial in federal court this summer and a $2.8 million fine for failing to get a permit to plow his field and plant wheat in Tehama County.

A lawyer for Duarte Nursery said the case is important because it could set a precedent requiring other farmers to obtain costly, time-consuming permits just to plow their fields.

“We’re not going to produce much food under those kinds of regulations,” he said.

A “permit” to plow “his field”?

Gov-ern-ment. Governmenting your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness right down the sewage drain.

Meanwhile, just in:

Zuckerberg gives his BILLIONS away to government, demands government should give him enough money to meet his, and your, basic needs. Demands his life of “equality” be on par with everyone else.

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