Serfs: Just A Sunday Links Reminder

Trump State Department opens the flood gates, refugee admissions will explode in coming weeks

‘The bloodletting of Christians must end’: Trump says ‘civilization is at a precipice’

Number of refugees entering US to increase after State Dept lifts limit

U.S. Quietly Lifts Limit on Number of Refugees Allowed In

Refugee industry wants Trump to admit 75,000 refugees this fiscal year, and another 75,000 in FY18

DHS Will ‘Likely Increase’ Foreign Worker Outsourcing Visa

DHS chief: If you knew what I knew about terror, you’d ‘never leave the house’

Merkel Land: Woman Shows Injuries After Being Beaten by Migrants – Respondents call victim “racist” for complaining about it

Trump and Netanyahu to the world: WE ARE ALL WAHHABISTS NOW!

Hungary will not let anyone to interfere in its migration policy and is not going to change it

Manchester, Berlin, Paris, Nice, London, New York: Passports and IDs Mysteriously Discovered

Chelsea Clinton: ‘Climate Change’ Connects To ‘Child Marriage’

Climate Change Is Keeping Americans Awake at Night. Literally.

University hosts training on how to ‘reduce the impact of white privilege’

Captain Capitalism: The Good, The Bad, And The Stupid

Men & Women Of The West


These Powder Kegs Are About To Blow – Americans are like Romans sitting in the Coliseum, infatuated with their Gladiators. America hasn’t been in a “War” since WWII. Every action since WWII, has been a “Police Action”. Being in “Combat” and in “Fire Fights” does not equal “War”. These are all “Police Actions” that are nothing more than akin to the “War On Drugs” but on larger scales. All this “War On Terror” is crap. These Sunni/Wahhabi “Terrorists” are financed to the tune of Billions of dollars. They are financed by “State Actors”. If the USGov was serious on “The War On Terror”, it would be honest, find the “State Actors” and obliterate… meaning actual war, the “State Actors”.

Anyhow, in related news: Pentagon Loses BILLIONS in small arms – Guess where they are losing them? Just scroll through all the links – War is a RacketWell-calculated negligence?Pentagon drops arms to terrorists – The War On Terror – But then, to the America Sun Baked Worms, none of this will register.

Just a reminder: We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.

Any idea on how the globalists keep you “on the seat of your pants”?

Isis and its various flavors of the day, are nothing more than a means, to use as an excuse to “Regime Change” and/or redirect blame… for, “Regime Change”. Also known as a “Sunni/Wahhabi NATO” to united all of Arab and Persia (including N. Africa) into a Sunni/Wahhabi Union. And who do you think is behind all these geopolitical-religious-economic unions? Who do you think is the “Spearhead” of Globalism and the “NWO”?

How many times are you going to hear this again, and again, and again, and again?

Go0gle: Police Foreknowledge of Terrorist Attacks

You have to break a few eggs to make a NWO omelette.

Collateral damage is just part of the game.

And I just scratch the surface.


Do you even have the guts to admit it?

Or, are you just…


Crap! I almost forgot! The “Price of Freedom“! – ROTFLMAO.

Police State Resources


Iran’s Shockingly Honest Reaction to Trump’s Visit to Saudi Arabia

Magical and logic-defying ISIS – NOTHING TO SEE HERE! Do NOT pay any attention to this! Either you are with us… or you are with the terrr-ists!

Whether you decide to watch and listen to this, or not… some of you are going to live to SEE THIS.

Things like this make you question what is really going on behind the scenes in the United Kingdom

Trump Sides With ISIS Supporters In Middle East Sectarian War

How To Destroy a Country

Gaddafi Predicted and Tried to Stop this Terror Wave in UK, So the US Murdered Him

Declassified memos show FBI illegally shared spy data on Americans with private parties – It’s okay. They’re going to stop now.

DHS has turned Transit Police into Terrorism Police – Transit Police Are Secretly Spying On Commuters’ Travel Plans, Texts And Emails

But we can believe it, because that is where America is today

A Quarter Of American Adults Can’t Pay All Their Monthly Bills; 44% Have Less Than $400 In Cash

What On Earth Is Going On With US Wages

The Federal Reserve Is Destroying America – And wait until you hear what they’re getting away with now

US Debt of $20 Trillion Visualized in Stacks of Physical Cash

Proof that the U. S. Debt Cannot Be Paid Back – Explained in 2 minutes

Trump’s Speech to the New World Order! – And you just keep watching the back-tracking. And lest you forget, Trump saturated his inner-circle with Goldman Sachs-us, CFR, and Soros hanger-ons.

Full Circle: An Encore Performance, New Venue, Fresh Actors

The Deep State’s Plot to Take Over America Has Succeeded

What Did the Trump Administration Just Do in Syria?

Aleppo Reporter Exposes White Helmets, West For Working With al-Qaeda; Debunks “Assad’s Brutality”

Video: Syrian Government Forces Advance on Multiple Fronts against the Islamic State (ISIS) – Guess who keeps interfering?

Saudis And The UAE Will Donate $100 Million To A Fund Inspired By Ivanka Trump

Trump’s Islam Speech in Saudi Arabia Paves Way for America’s next Big War

Truth Has Become Un-American

Trump’s “America First“ Infrastructure Plan: Let Saudi Arabia and Blackstone Take Care of It – I know… Super-duper “God-Emperor” underwater 3D chess that is so super-duper magical and mystical that no mere mortal can understand!

Meet JK2 Westminster L.L.C. – The Kushner Family Real Estate Subsidiary Preying on Poor People

Netflix Series Exposes Govt-Connected Child Sex Ring in Baltimore, Police Forced to Respond

The Truth About Civic Nationalist Cam Whores

Why Bother?

Is America the Result of a Violation of Romans 13?

If this THING is re-elected again, I am personally writing a letter to Putin to unleash his Spetsnaz on her district.

Pedophilia Cop Gets 5 Years Probation

Another Deep State assassination

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to reject 2nd Amendment claim by men who lost gun rights over nonviolent crimes

I can hear thousands of coproaches having a mutual orgasm

A black comedy suspense/satire – HAHA! – Are you’re children Pure? Got Modern Educayshun? Got… Equality? Bwahahahaaaa!

It Is A Reality, A Definable And Quantifiable Political Movement



MuriKa! Fuck yeah!

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