The Convergence Is Here

It is here. It is now. It is saturating every aspect of your life.

Are you old enough to remember where we were? Here we are. Imagine where you will be.

What is that you say? Yer gonna get yer freedumb and libertard back? Just wait and see? Just as soon as TP’sTB push you far enough? Right after it all comes crashing down? Then yer gonna show dem? That you really, really, mean business?

I hate to be the one to pop your bubble, but the whole so-called patriot movement, freedumb and libertard movement, isn’t even a flea turd on TP’sTB back.

At best, you’ll be lucky to be that hunted dog, always one step ahead, always looking over your shoulder, one foot in death’s door.

Just keep repeating this to yourselves:

They played the flute for us, and we did not dance; they sang a dirge and we did not mourn.

You won’t watch it.

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