It’s That Time Again! Boomer Bashing!

Seriously, it’s like some annual ritual where we get the X’ers and Millennials all riled up, looking back at their mummy and daddy days, to get them to regress back into their early childhood thumb-sucking.

Z Man: The Coming Boomercide

The Zman has a few ideas concerning why their grandchildren hate the Boomers

You just have to read the comments from the X’ers and Millennials.

I mean, look… if I was part of TP’sTB crowd, this is exactly what I would do. Rehash over and over again how the boomers screwed the X’ers and Millennials. And make them all wish the boomers would just fuck off and die. Because, ya know… when the boomers are all dead, it’s freedumb and libertard party time for the X’ers and Millennials!

And what these X’ers and Millennials fail to grasp… is that they are being snowflaked. And then what do the X’ers and Millennials do when they get snowflaked? They start SNOWFLAKING on the BOOMERS!

Wahhhh! Wahhhh!

Snowflaking on the boomers.

And as long as TP’sTB can keep the X’ers and Millennials snowflaking on mummy and daddy… the better for them.

But, but… we’ll show those boomers!

It’s not our fault! If it weren’t for mummy and daddy… we wouldn’t be doing this!

When the boomers are all gone and dead… why, the X’ers and Millennials will fill the White House, Congress, and Senate with X’er and Millennial Alt-Righters!

Milo for President!

And… if TP’sTB of the X’er and Millennial generation get in the way… why the X’er and Millennial Alt-Righters will go to plan B!

Just keep those X’ers and Millennials regressing.

It’s amusing. The devil blames God, Eve blames the devil, Adam blames his wife. Guess what happened… all 3 were cursed. And these X’ers and Millennials think they will stand before God on judgement day… and blame mummy and daddy. No doubt while thumb-sucking.

What a massive psyops of generational deflection.

Stoo-pid fucks. Remember when Frank Zappa said: “If your children ever find out how lame you really are, they’ll murder you in your sleep.” That is back in 1965!

That was the BOOMERS talking about… WHO?

You see how this generational blame game works now?

Or, are you just going keep being STUCK ON STOO-PID?

And you wonder why we are, where we are now?

No wonder the Bowel Movement can’t move forward. It’s been to busy looking backwards up its anal canal playing the blame game.

And dumb-fucks think they are being smart doing this.

It reminds of those who blame the Founders of this country for not making a self-enforcing constitution. When those same Founders repeatedly told you, that it was not self-enforcing… and, IT WAS/IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND DUTY TO ENFORCE IT. But then, it’s much easier to blame the boomers… er, Founders, so you have an excuse to do nothing. Well… except for generational blaming, strutting, and pontificating.

Want your country back? Want freedumb and libertard? Then you must do what every generation before you refused to do.

Do you even know what the generational ELITE and POWERS THAT BE are doing? They are all LAUGHING at you. As they carry on the work of their ANCESTORS. While you thumb-suck on your mummy and daddies.

But, but, but… we’ll show our mummies and daddies! You just wait and see!


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