The Ft. Sumter-holm Syndrome

Well, that’s how culture wars work. Each side tries to impose their cultural preferences on the other. If you are in opposition to the prevailing culture then what you seek, by definition, is an unraveling of the culture. That’s how you win. Otherwise, you confine yourself to tactics that will never work. For guys like Todd Seavey, principle is a coffin they think will give them comfort as the Left lowers them into the grave.

The point here is that in war, the first priority, the overriding priority, is winning

Out virtue signaling the virtue signalers. Ha!

We will bury you!

Don’t bring yourselves to their level!

The fact? The “Libertard Bowel Movement” is so afraid that they may do something that the skanks are doing to them… The “LBM” has frozen itself, because of being afraid of being called out, for doing… what? For burying the skanks that are burying the “LBM”!

But, but, but… goodness, and morality! And squeaky clean too!


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