Government: A Vacuous Dimwit

And in case you are stoo-pid, that is government employees who make it happen.

It would take a vacuous dimwit not to see this situation for the atrocity of logic and human rights it is; yet — due to the inanity of geographical happenstance of residence inside the border of these apparently Disparate States — two toddlers have been ripped from a father who gives so much of a shit about their future, he didn’t bother lying about his Colorado cannabis cure to Tennessee officials, who recoiled and Just Said No, thus, condemning dad to quickened death for outstanding parenting.

Tennessee Kidnaps Man’s Children, Condemns Him to Death, For Having THC in His Urine

That literally saved his life.

And how we burned in the camps later…

This is what your government has become, and the sheeple rejoice in it.

And so do many… patriots.

USA… Bigly!

In related news:

Making a drug crime out of literally nothing

There is only one solution to the criminally pathological like this, and retraining isn’t it.

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