How Much You Want To Bet They’re Patriots?

Unfortunately, all this shows the public is that cops can attack innocent people, beat them to a pulp, lie about it, get caught lying about it, have their lies shown to a court on video, and get off — scot free.

As for the cops who ran him down, beat him, and falsely charged him — they’ll be back out on the streets with their badges and guns in no time.

“Yes, we will be bringing them back,” said Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #5 president John McNesby said via email.

Acquitted Despite Graphic Video Showing them Run Over Innocent Man & Savagely Beat Him

And in related Patriot America news:

A man filmed TSA feel, quite literally, every single inch of his wife’s body. This molestation was all carried out, of course, to keep you safe.

Ive worked for the government and I have a 8 year old daughter and if TSA it anytime felt that I was a threat I would feel most obligated to assure that I was not a threat in it allow them to do anything possible within their means and within their scope to assure that I was not a threat to this nation security do you understand?

And, didn’t pay the State Flower Tax.

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