AmuriKans: Oblivious To Their Alternative Reality


Supreme Court Case

By the way…

Ҥ 3002. Definitions
“As used in this chapter:
“. . . (15) ‘United States’ means
“(A) a Federal corporation;
“(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of [a Federal  corporation] the United States; or
“(C) an instrumentality of [a Federal corporation] the United States.”

Oblivious. What else could everything else mean, other than a Federal Corporation, if… the United States itself, MEANS, a Federal Corporation? If there are other entities of the United States, and the United States is a Federal Corporation, then those other entities, are instruments of the Federal Corporation.

And, your government, interprets the Commerce Clause, of the Constitution, to mean they can regulate every aspect of your life… consumer… human resource. Do you participate in Commerce? Sure you do. Almost every damn day.

Anyhow, go here, and just scroll through the headlines.


AmuriKa, the world’s leading soldier in the fight against terrorism on a daily basis.

And, AmuriKa’s Kurdish/Arab terrorist brigades are so intent on “defeating ISIS”…

And, dumb-ass cops staking out garden stores and tomatoes.

And, a motive for the knifing has not yet been established… Allahu Akbar.


I lost my first wife to a drunk driver, then 31 days of medical malpractice thereafter back in 1999. It’s a hard thing… being lost without your other self. Time heals, but you never forget:

Judy Lynn
27 May 1955 – 12 April 2017

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