Gov. Chris Christie: You want to act like a big shot?

If it would have been me… I would have said, “Get out of my face, fat-ass.”

Fuming Chris Christie Gets in a Cubs Fan’s Face At Baseball Game (VIDEO)

Let’s close the beach so special me-me can have all to me-self.


Yeah… You want to act like a big shot?

In other news…

We are the world. Babel, that is.


Dead people cause climate change.


About that delicious fried chicken.


Monkeys… again.


Torture tools. Comply.


US Outraged To Find Persian Ships in Persian Gulf.

Their sacred, inviolable dignity…

Honesty over pretense.

New guidelines for educating preschoolers…

Transgenderism and masturbation.

Cop Responds…

To Complaint of Kids Playing Football

As a side note, growing up, us neighborhood kids were never bothered playing football, or baseball in our street. Not by the neighbors, not by the cops, and on the off-chance we didn’t see a car coming, it was usually just a tap on the horn. Back in the day, it was just “normal” things kids did.


AmuriKa. Still.

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