When Dealing With Cops – Never Forget This…

Just remember this: The day before this pervert was busted, he was a hero. He was a bona fida kitten rescuing cop who could do no wrong. The day before this slimebag was busted for perving on children , he was a sworn officer of the court. That’s right, the day before, his word would be given the weight of truth by a judge simply because he was a “Sworn officer of the court”. After his “Truthful” testimony, he could go home and masturbate to videos and images of small children. This is the face of the police state and don’t forget it. It is not about who they are or what do. It is all about blue and representing the power of the state.

Why? You ask?

Seven Baltimore cops are caught on body cameras ‘planting drugs in a car’ days after another video was released ‘showing an officer placing evidence’.

And remember, these are just the ones who get blatantly caught.

We’re soldiers for truth, justice, and the Merica’ way!



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