Groupthink at the C-I-A

Beyond that exhibition of tunnel vision and sheer ignorance, the involvement of former senior intelligence officials in politics is itself deplorable and is perhaps symptomatic of the breakdown in the comfortable bipartisan national security consensus that has characterized the past fifty years. Once upon time former CIA officers would retire to the Blue Ridge mountains and raise Labradors, but we are now into something much more dangerous if the intelligence community, which has been responsible for most of the recent leaks, begins to feel free to assert itself from behind the scenes. As Senator Chuck Schumer recently warned “Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

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Welcoming the viewer were the thrusting pelvis and pendulous breasts of a recruit by the name of Charlie—swaying to the music—followed by Laurie, Danielle, Paul, and Jimmie, among others. These poster-girlie recruits wanted viewers to know that their “real duty is to provide humanitarian aid to the Afghans” (it’s in the revised Oath of Enlistment, apparently). They shared their dreams of being “self-help authors.” And they imparted the joys of manning posts like “Diversity Awareness Officers” and “Drug and Alcohol Counselors.” Suffice it to say that the “human face” of our coed men and women of the armed forces exudes mush, not mettle. “Military Diaries” was a motivational video for America’s ascetic, Islamic enemy.

Instead of being ashamed of this let-it-all-hang-out credo, the men at the top authorized it, proud to parade emotional whimsy like they would a Purple Heart.

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