Smoking guns that the Western media refuses to see

These are just a few of the very important stories–with a brief backdrop on each–that the propaganda mainstream media refuses to talk about. And you can mark it down: with each and every non-story, there is a cover-up of huge proportions going on. This is why so much of what the American people believe about international affairs is patently false–and usually one hundred and eighty degrees opposite of truth. Yes, I’m saying it: virtually EVERYTHING we are told by the U.S. government and its toadies in the propaganda media–especially relating to international affairs–is a big, fat LIE.

While conservatives and Christians are absorbed with all of the talk about fake news coming out of the mainstream media regarding President Trump, they are completely oblivious to the fake news coming out of Donald Trump’s Pentagon, Department of State, CIA, etc., regarding America’s ongoing foreign entanglements.

Of course, you’d be surprised how many “patriots” fall for all these false narratives as if they were some kind of super-patriots… then go on to thumping their chests about freedumb and libertard. It’s like they are giving TP’sTB blow jobs, while doing the reach-around, pinching their ass, and proclaiming… “TAKE THAT!”

Day after day, night after night

In related news…


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