The Generals Club: Subsidiary Of The Military Industrial Complex

“If the president doesn’t listen to the generals, like Gen. Nicholson and he goes down the road that President Obama went, Afghanistan is going to collapse,” Graham said. “Here’s my advice to the president — listen to people like Gen. Nicholson and McMaster and others who have been in the fight.”

16 years of “strategy” feeding the MIC.


China purchased mineral rights in Afghanistan a decade ago, an investment the U.S. supported at the time. Beijing has since had teams mining copper outside of Kabul. –WTF?

I think he is right…

To underscore his view that the veterans who fought in the war may be better positioned to advise him on an Afghanistan strategy…

“The clear message if you heard the story was: high-priced consultants or high-priced anybody, expensive supposedly-big-brained people, but who are physically far from the source of the problem, often give you much worse advice than the supposedly low-ranking guys who are right there,” the official said.

How many of these Generals have actually spent 1, 2, 3, 4 years of upfront-in-the-field sustained combat/patrolling in Afghanistan, rather than listening to C-I-A M-I-C intel, and looking at maps? How many of these Generals are actually listening to the Grunts on the ground, rather that giving them, the Grunts, perfumed rah-rah speeches?

Lindsey Graham, a subsidiary of the MIC…

Told that Trump was considering firing Gen. Nicholson, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said, “I can’t think of a good reason to fire the general. I think he’s done an admirable job.”

And to be blunt, there are approximately 33 million people in Afghanistan. How many of them (who aren’t Taliban sympathizers) are even willing to take on the Taliban?

You can’t (just like in America) free a people, who don’t want to be free, and won’t even bother to fight for it. So what are we doing there?


Trump Says U.S.‘Losing’ Afghan War in Tense Meeting With Generals

No one is serious about Afghanistan except for feeding the beast.

Leave the tactics to the Deep State War College Globalist trained Generals? LMAO.

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