OMG! North Korea! Nukes!

Repeat! Repeat! Keep repeating! Say it over and over and over again!

North Korean Able To Strike U.S. Mainland With Nuclear Warhead!

Which means… they are going to nuke America! They-are-going-to-nuke-America!

We are going to be nuked! By North Korea!

North Korea is going to… NUKE US!

Because… they want to be wiped off the planet earth in massive retaliation!


And… they’re gonna nuke us… just because!


One day.

There isn’t going to be a civil war

WWIII will be a deliberate false-flag perpetrated by the Deep State. And millions of “patriots” will fall for it… once again.


Exploiting Children in Psy-Op to Sell War to America

Meanwhile, meet the face of the “resistance“. Or, just go to any “resistance” and “liberty” blog, “right-wing” website, and go through the comments.

McMaster: U.S. Preparing For “Preventive War” With North Korea

Oliver Stone Slams “Exceptional” America’s “Vast Stupidity” In Sanctioning Russia

David Stockman Warns Trump “The Swamp Is Undrainable”

Update – Useful idiots for the Deep State and MIC:

‘Intelligence Insider’ Sends Dire Warning To President Trump He Must Understand To Avoid More Danger Ahead – ‘Iran Is Another North Korea’

Trump Must Understand Iran and NKorea Are Equal Threats

Interesting tidbit…

My wife and I had to runs some errands today. At the completion of those, we stopped at the local health store to pick up some magnesium for my wife. At the check-out, a new gal asked if we would like an “alternative carry bag” for our purchase.

The term she used almost went over my head, when I remembered the “new rule” about plastic and paper bags.

Anyhow, I said to her, “You know, there is a plastic island out in the middle of the Pacific the size of Texas because, to save the environment, TP’sTB decide to go all plastic.”

She says, “Well, that’s not the only reason.”

I says, “True enough, but when I was a young man, we were using paper and other biodegradable stuff… we didn’t have Islands of plastic in the ocean.”

She says, “Well, if people would recycle…”

I cut her short, “A plastic island the size of the Texas throws your big “if” out the window, doesn’t it? But you are not listening, are you? Before the big push, to save the environment by using plastic, before you were born, and during my youth, we didn’t have these islands of plastic. In fact, during my youth, we didn’t see our desert landscape full of plastic bags caught on and blowing in the wind, the Juniper Trees, Tumble Weeds, Cactus, or whatever. Yet, to save the environment, there they are.”

She says, “That’s because people don’t recycle.”

I says, “You’re a product of the modern edumedication system. You can’t reason. You can’t logic. The only thing you can do is spit out what you were trained to spit out. Take care (as my wife puts her bottle of magnesium in her purse).”

What is the obvious solution?

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