Anything Goes When You’re a Cop in America

Our Bill of Rights has been torn to shreds, and the cops have replaced it with their own Bill of Rights: the Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights (LEOBoR), which protects them from being subjected to the kinds of debilitating indignities heaped upon the average citizen.

Incredibly, while our own protections against government abuses continue to be dismantled, a growing number of states are adopting LEOBoRs—written by police unions—which provides police officers accused of a crime with special due process rights and privileges not afforded to the average citizen.

In other words, the LEOBoR protects police officers from being treated as we are treated during criminal investigations: questioned unmercifully for hours on end, harassed, harangued, browbeaten, denied food, water and bathroom breaks, subjected to hostile interrogations, and left in the dark about our accusers and any charges and evidence against us.

This is how perverse justice in America has become.

And in related news:

Cops are still pussies…

As a friendly reminder, when children go to petting zoos, they are surrounded by these animals. There are thousands of petting zoos throughout the country at which children interact with goats on a daily basis. Amazingly enough, none of these children ‘fear for their lives’ and kill any of these goats.

“And they say, ‘yeah, it was either me or the goat’ and I said, ‘man, there are 7-year-old kids that deal with these goats. Infants that deal with these,’” said Minnick.

Police Kill Farmer’s Prized Goat After ‘Fearing For Their Lives’

Naturally, the department is standing behind the deputy’s decision to kill the petting zoo prodigy.

Wait! You mean there’s more?

Ybarra called Yuba City police after a man allegedly stole his check for $5000 and cashed it. Ybarra did, understandably, what many would have done. He asked law enforcement for help. That was his first mistake, apparently.

WATCH: Elderly Man Calls 911 for Help, Cops Show Up, Smash In His Face

But, but, but… you just wait until you need a cop!

I’m betting this cop was being a cocky-ass mother-fucker because: muh badge, muh gun, muh uniform, and muh authorituh.

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