Getting there.

A few weeks ago, I mention we were doing some remodeling of our home. We finally got our new kitchen floors in, baseboard, and our new carpet.

Both the old carpet and kitchen tile were about 30 years old. The old carpet wasn’t really that bad, a few stains here and there. But the padding was just shot and the hallway carpet was just worn down from the traffic. The kitchen tile was actually a disaster with all the dinks in it. I have a couple of new kitchen floor cabinets that I have to finish painting and then anchor and 2 pantries to install. Got the bathrooms painted and wife is decorating it with Sea stuff. Sold most of our old furniture and other “clutter” stuff and replacing it (not the “clutter”). We threw away about 6 garbage cans of stuff we (she) accumulated over the years… I keep my tools, my guns, my bachelor days kick-ass stereo. I finished assembling the television stand last night. I have 3 more pieces of furniture to assemble and that’s it for the furniture.  So, we’re about 85 percent done on all this. We’re just coasting on the rest of the stuff. In about another month, we’ll be done.

This house has never had any baseboard trim around the house, so it’s nice to have them. It just looks “cleaner”.

I am seriously thinking about installing a wood accordion type slider in the entrance way to the main living-room in the second picture. Our swamp-cooler does a good job of cooling the house down during the summer, but that back room gets pretty warm as you’ll notice the indoor floor cooler in the pic. I’m just not to hip on cutting another hole in the roof for another swamp-cooler for that room.

Anyhow, it’s was kind of “weird”, and refreshing waking up this morning to the new floor and carpet.


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