Read the story below and let it sink in. 18 years he was on the force. That is who these people are. ” Multiple horrible choices” tells you that they knew exactly who this guy was and what he was up to. But you know what? The day before he was arrested he was a “Sworn officer of the court”. With full knowledge that this guy was a dirtbag he was still tasked with enforcing the laws of the state. That is the guy you see who straps a gun and badge on every day; The state enforcer. The blunt instrument that the state uses to bend it’s citizens to it’s will. Do they care if their blunt instrument is also a criminal? Not at all. Not one case that this guy testified in will ever be undone. The state got its money, the judge got paid, the prosecutor got paid and some defense attorney got paid. The system thrives on low lifes like this because they will unthinkingly carry out their thuggery. Then why was he arrested? Because he got careless and got himself caught on camera. No matter how much you might want to look the other way it is impossible when it is caught on video.

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In other news…

According to police, 25-year-old Jason David Funke was threatening to kill himself in front of Life Springs Christian Church last Saturday. Funke was armed, however, according to police, he complied with officer commands to drop his gun, raise his hands, and walk toward police.

As he was complying, Funke did as he was instructed and walked toward a group of officers — naked with his hands up. When Funke got within ten feet of the officers, instead of walking up to the clearly unarmed and surrendering man, police attempted to sic the K9 on him.

WATCH: Cops Shoot Naked Man in the Back

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