Making him out to be a “modern John the Baptist”

Because G.W. Bush claimed to be a believer in Jesus Christ, he absolutely could do no wrong in the eyes of America’s evangelical pastors and Christians. When he took America into two unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral wars, Christians cheered; when he bombed innocent men, women, and children in the name of the “war on terror,” Christians cheered; when he created a brand new war doctrine–the preemptive war doctrine–Christians cheered; when he created a gigantic surveillance state and national police force, Christians cheered; when he filled his cabinet and administration with CFR globalists, Christians cheered; and when Bush partnered with Bill and Hillary Clinton in what can only be described as an international crime family, Christians, well, they looked the other way. Bush was a “born-again Christian,” so he could do no wrong.

Like I said, I’ve heard all of this before.

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