Unite The White?

Meanwhile, the vast majority of White cognitive dissonance America yawns. Or, recoils in hor-er-er-er screaming at the booboisie box, “I am not a Nazi! I am not KKK! I am not a White Supremacist! Bad! Bad!” Other than that, this little skirmish isn’t even a blip on the radar. Nor a sign of things to come. This isn’t the first pin-prick little “White” march going back for decades. It won’t be the last. But it isn’t going nationwide.

And this. Virginia. The cradle of The Posterity. How many “posterity” in Virginia said, “F**K this shit” and came to the defense of The March for White Heritage rally? Surely, they must all be sitting at home sharpening their knives? – Elder Son

Unite the White

Trump condemns violence in Charlottesville: The President calls for the country to ‘come together as one’ as his wife Melania urges Americans to ‘communicate with our hearts’

The Battle Of Charlottesville

Driver ‘intentionally’ accelerates into crowd:

WE have never had superior numbers but still managed to prevail and survive, ever since stepping off the boat at Jamestown.DonReynolds

That “WE” is not made up of the same stuff. It has at the least, 104 years of cognitive dissonance mush crammed between its ears. –  Elder Son


While the cops did nothing

Who do you think the cops work for? And, do you really believe it is beyond the realm, that they also work for any number of our fine American intelligence agencies, the masters of mayhem and deceit, including our fine FBI and DHS? How many murders of… politicized citizens… have committed… suicide, when it was obviously murder, and the cops just went along with a suicide?

They, and the Babelist MSM, are going to play you to the hilt in the… court of public opinion.

Some gentleman over there in the links section opined awhile back that… appearances are everything, especially in the court of public opinion. How do you think that… public opinion… is going to work out… in light of the… scenery… today?

People have short memories… get caught up in… and then run on emotion.

And this constant whining about “free speech” and everyone has the right to say things, even the things we don’t like. The devil is in the details. And you better shut him up. Propaganda 101… and they don’t give a crap about your… free speech. And you give a crap about theirs? Because… what? Muh freedom? Muh liberty? Because… fair? Words are a precursor to war… and your way of life.

And you tolerated it for far to long.

You people are your own worst enemy.

By the way… those Nazi’s and KKK? They don’t… and won’t… if and when the time comes, give a FF about your… free speech… either.

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