Less Than 3 Hours In The Desert

2 miles from the trail-head.

People, a simple 4 quart canteen, a simple space blanket sunny-side up, and compact binoculars would have saved these people. And a SB makes a excellent distress signal. They will fit in your pockets and you can CARRY two… each.

And never ever separate.

If I am going to walk farther than I can see my truck out in the desert, I put on a molle butt-pack. 4 bottles water + canteen on hip/over shoulder, 2 space blankets, water proof matches + Bic, a roll of paracord, multi-tool knife, compact binoculars, 1 small mag-light w/batteries, 1 compact mod 3613/3 mags, emergency ration bars, snake-bite kit + boo-boo. 1 boonie hat + 2 rolled up OD green tee’s cut to wrap around my head and over my neck. And… one used powder puff compact w/mirror. And be sure to keep on empty water bottle… to piss in.

Mark a map of the general location of where you are going and leave it with someone you trust.

This doesn’t include what is left in my truck when I venture out in the middle of nowhere desert… like a 5 gallon water bottle in case I break down in the middle of nowhere desert… I have, once. I was prepared, but not as prepared as I should have been. Lesson learned.

Every frikkin year. And it is all unnecessary if people would just take simple-stupid precautions. It also helps to have a compass built into your brain.

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